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 Coates Moves to Desert, but Not for Good
Independent - Wednesday, May 19, 1999, No. 116

Most people familiar with St. Thomas photographer, Bob Coates, and his award winning work know that he and wide Holly will be relocating to Sedona, Arizona, soon - next week, in fact. What many may not realize is that Coates - who tended bar at such places as The Old Mill and Epernay to pay the bills while developing his photography career - has donated a cache of his pictures to shaky Acres, an agency that operates residential facilities for men and women recovering from alcohol and drug dependency. Shaky Acres fund development director, Gary Hellyer, hung many of the photographs in the thrift shop. The not-for-profit organization operates in Smith Bay, but distributed a few to other venues such as the Mafolie Hotel pool bar and EuniceŽs Terrace.  Now, however, he has reconsolidated most everything at the thrift shop - so if you're interested in collecting the artwork of Bob Coates and contributing to a good cause at the same time, stop by. Some images are framed, others are matted; sizes range from postcard to poster, and subject matter is what ever captured the artist's fancy in the eye lens - from flora and fauna to sunsets and stylized studio shots. Most pieces are priced $25 to $50. Before heading to the shop, call 775-3006 to be sure its open.  Hours are irregular but Hellyer is often there until 7 p.m.  Meantime, Coates says his move to the desert should by no means be considered abandonment of the seashore.  He already has plans to return the first two weeks of October, to tape next season's edition of Island Showcase, the tourist orientation video that features him as co-host, and then again next spring. "We plan to call both places home" he says. "Up there IŽll be able to pursue my  national career, going to trade shows and conventions".  For those who want to stay in touch (and perhaps refer him business), he has a toll free number:  (877) photogo.  For the alphanumerically impaired make that (877) 746-8646.