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Shaky Acres Open Thrift Store in Smith Bay
Scott Frank - Independent

Looking for new ways to benefit its residents and the community. Shaky Acres is opening a Thrift Shop in Smith Bay Center today. "We'll be offering a wide variety of household items, especially major appliances and furniture," said Shaky Acres fund developer, Gary (who asked for reason of confidentiality that his last name not be used).

Shaky Acres is a nonprofit organization offering residential treatment for recovering drug and alcohol addicts. The items in the thrift shop are mostly tax deductible donations made by local businesses, hotels, and realtors, as well as individuals, Gary said.

"We do things a little bit differently than most other nonprofit organizations in that we actively go out to local businesses to solicit donations," Gary said. " We have received a very positive response so far, especially from the hotels and realtors." He added that Shaky Acres is not in competition with others operated by different local nonprofit organizations.

"In fact, we want to work with them. If they need something in particular, they can call us and we'll try to acquire it for them," Gary said. The Shaky Acres Thrift Shop recently donated a table and six chairs to the Bethlehem house on St. Croix, he said. "All nonprofits are important and provide necessary services to the community," he said. Items at the thrift store are available for a suggested donation, which is negotiable, Gary said.

Jane Sorrelle, an agent at Calypso Realty has supported the thrift store with several donations because she feels it serves a vital service for Shaky Acres and the community. "The store will benefit local families, who have to revitalize their home by making items available and within reach," said Sorrelle.

It also provides a way for people to help others in their community by donating furniture or appliances, which are no longer needed in their home. In addition, they'll be able to receive a tax deduction for their contribution," she added.

The thrift store always provides residents of Shaky Acres an opportunity to receive new skills and put into practice those skills they already have, Gary said. Many residents have a variety of special skills. They'll be able to use those talents to repair slightly damaged donations," he said.

The store was able to open because of the generous support it has received so far, Gary said. "For example, Larry Boschulte and Daryl Lewis of the Department of Property and Procurement were instrumental in getting a truck donated to Shaky Acres, which we now use to transfer items to the thrift store. And Leslie Cooper has donated the use of the facility where the store is currently located," Gary said.

The thrift store is open Fridays from noon to 6pm.; Saturdays from 8a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. We plan to open all week long in the future, once we get everything fine tuned," Gary said.

People interested in making a tax-deductible donation can call 714-1039 to make arrangements to have it picked up. If someone wants to help out but they don't currently have anything to donate, I would encourage them to make a contribution to United Way, whose annual fund-raising campaign is now under way. Without their support, we would have closed our doors years ago," Gary said.