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Items for sale in Thirft Shop
Some Items for Sale at Smith Bay "Thrift Shops"

We have two Thrift Shops at this time. The main Thrift Shop is in Sub Base located  in the Shopping Center next to Pueblo. In Between Natural Foods Grocery and Drafting Shaft. This Store is open most everyday. 

The other Thrift Shop is at 108-109 Smith Bay Shopping Center and this is also The Fund Development Office: Telephone (340) 775-3006.  I will be using this location as an office as well as a training center. 

Smith Bay Thrift Shop - Young Visitor
Dominique at Smith Bay
We even ask our young visitors to smile and what a smile!
We will soon be offering Y2K ready computers with  appox.1  GIG loaded with Win95/98 and Office97 and or Corel Suite 8. They will be Internet ready for about $300 including some basic computer training.

The amounts of available computers, depend on the communities

Subbase Thirft Shop
Subbase Thrift Shop before sign.
response to our request for donations of them. The idea of both of these Thrift Shops is to have programs that will also benefit the Shaky Acres residents in that they will have opportunities to get training that will ready them for the Community workplace. See Gary's News for upcoming projects.