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Notice from Shaky Acres Fund developing:

As a VI Fund Developer I have worked to develop some new ways of raising funds for Shaky Acres and have explored other possibilities of developing programs that can help residents ready themselves for the workplace and community in general. This minor success could not of been achieved without the support of our community. I want to now thank all of the individuals, organizations and companies whom have helped.

Both Thrift Shops will be closing this week for financial reasons, and any local nonprofit 501C-3 is welcomed to any remaining items, but they must call me at 775-3006, right away. Shaky will still be accepting donations.  The items that are not presently needed at a facility will be stored in a trailer (s) so that we can have  "Flea Market" events. The times and locations will  be announced soon.

Shaky Acres is a grassroots VI program that was developed here on St. Thomas, by Virgin Islanders, for our homeless residents with some very serious diseases, whom had through their disease found themselves homeless and wanted to give "recovery" a chance. Over the past 18 years, the needs of our community and Shaky Acres have grown along with the diseases of Alcoholism and Drug Addition but not necessarily at the same pace. Shaky  opened up in St. Thomas with 2 beds and  today it has 33. All of the beds are filled and there are still some waiting to get in.  But first, current  needs must be addressed. Those needs are primarily financial. It amounts to another $40,000 and we have just a couple of months left to raise this money and in the least painful manner as possible.

For this reason I am now asking this community to help by sponsoring one of ""Shaky´s" 33 beds. A full sponsorship is only $1,000. This gives a human being 1 year (sometimes more) to get back on their feet. If you cant afford the entire bed, maybe you could help by splitting the donation up! Any cash donations will gladly accepted. I hope see facilities similar to Shaky Acres opened in the near future on both St. Croix and St. John.  Please understand though, that Shaky now accepts individuals from all of the VI and always has!

Any donation checks should be made payable to "Shaky Acres" and mailed to: Shaky Acres  PO box 306177, St. Thomas 00803.

Questions about admittance can be answered by calling (340) 777-5066. Questions about donations, volunteering etc. can be addressed at  telephone/fax number (340) 775-3006.

Please check out Shaky´s Web Pages at www.shakyacres.vi  where you will soon find featured some photographs, descriptions and suggested donations for items that the community have donated to support this very worth while and badly needed cause, along with some other important links and information.

Sincerely Yours,

Gary Hellyer
VI Fund Developer