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I am proud to announce our affiliation with Cobex.  Here's the plan.  I will be a sales  team leader for Cobex Web Sales.  When a full 5 page contract  for sales in signed, Shaky Acres will receive a $100.00 donation.  I will then offer Shaky Acres residents and or volunteers the opportunity to help me and Cobex´s professionals actually design the client's web-page.  If they like the work and become qualified Peter DeBlanc of Cobex has promised to help them become employed.  If sales go as planned he will need the employee resources  that we will be able to provide. 

I have 5 or 6 very prospective clients that are at the very least willing to meet with me about how we can help their company grow and listen to how Cobex is offering them the opportunity to have their services available on the Internet.  Also how Cobex offers the best web page construction, sales and of course service. 

If you are interested  in joining the team or in having a web site built  by us simply call Gary at 775 - 3006 or you may e-mail me at shakyacres@islands.vi.